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Official Opening of this Site: 7 July 1997

I came to Canada from UK on April 6, 1987, and having lived on two continents my relations are widely scattered over UK and Canada. On June 18 1999, Laurie-Ann Zachar and I were married.  We live in Ottawa. As a Certified Financial Planner I assist individuals and small companies optimize their situations. This includes the fields of investment, life and disability insurance and mortgages.
Faith and music and protecting the environment figure big-time in our lives. Health is the first wealth, so I proactively seek it out.
I welcome and support the world of home-based business and network marketing as beneficial social and economic trends. We are distributors of high tech health products, including Lifepak, and operate an Amazon.com agency "Kanata Audio Books".
This growing Site includes the KanArt Gallery which features the work of Laurie-Ann and other local artists.

In addition to the Net, which we access via NCF, I have fairly wide-ranging interests.

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On Moving Mountains by Jiri Soukup

The site is written directly in HTML and is friendly to slow computers, since it was designed partly using a monochrome 386 laptop with 4MB RAM and 80MB disk.


Grand Official Opening of this Site was July 7, 1997

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